The makings of Sex and the City

sex and the city and us book

When the first line of a book is “I left my fiancé for Sex and the City,” you know it’s going to be good. This week I interviewed a Sex and the City expert, Jennifer Keishin Armstrong, author of Sex and the City and Us. The book dives into the makings of the show and how it impacted society. We talked about:

  • All the deets on Candace Bushnell (how she actually afforded Carrie’s closet!)
  • What most people get wrong about the show
  • The most surprising thing learned during the research
  • Characters traits and why each is important
  • Where are their families??
  • Societal problems with the show 

You can buy the book in paperback (perfect for a beach read) this week here. For all things pop culture, check out the podcast Jennifer co-hosts Pop Literacy.

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