S2 E11: When it’s more than a toothbrush

For this week’s episode, I sit down with Caroline Vazzana, frequently referred to as the modern day Carrie Bradshaw. Caroline is an editor, stylist, fashion influencer, and author of Making it in Manhattan. As part of Season 2, Episode 11 titled Evolution, we talk all things:

  • Leaving things at your partners home
  • Pressures on life timelines
  • Getting closure
  • Fashion being more than clothes
  • Thinking like a man
  • Letting go of stereotypes in dating and careers

Follow Caroline on Instagram @cvazzana and subscribe to her YouTube channel. You can follow the site Making it in Manhattan at @makingmanhattanofficial.

You can check out all the articles and resources she shares on Making it in Manhattan here or buy the book for a full deep dive into Caroline’s background and advice!

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