Sext and the City is a podcast by Samantha Jones where we dive into all the dating, sex, and relationship questions Carrie Bradshaw asked on the show 20 years ago. Samantha interviews friends and experts alike on how they view the questions and issues raised by the women in today’s modern dating world.

Samantha Jones, IRL, is a public relations professional. She started this podcast after hearing for more than a decade that she had the same name as a character on Sex and the City!! Let’s get into some common questions she gets.

  • No, she did not plan her career based on this show. She actually never watched this show until she had gone into PR.
  • No, her mother did not name her for the character. But she is flattered you think she is young enough for this.
  • No, she is not like Samantha on the show. She is actually more like a Carrie with her curiosity and tendency to analyze.
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