S2 E17: & the student becomes the master

Season 2 Episode 17, Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women, takes a wild turn when we turn relationship questions into career questions. I spoke with one of my friends who I really admire for how much she puts herself out there in her career on the following:

  • The millennial stereotype
  • Burning bridges in your network
  • The mentor/mentee relationship
  • Can you lie in a job interview?
  • Good resume = bad employee
  • Office competitiveness

S2 E16: If you make your bed they will come?

This week, a guest from Season 1 returns to talk about Season 2 Episode 16 “Was it good for you?” This time as a Miranda. We talk:

  • Is society now pansexual
  • Are we graded every time we go to bed with someone
  • How Carrie’s dramatics are full-on in this episode
  • Manifesting your desires
  • Self-esteem and validation

S2 E15: All in the family

For Season 2, Episode 15 “Shortcomings,” I sat down with Courtney Seamon of the blog Mimosas and Manhattan and the podcast Relationships Uncensored. We talked about all things:

  • If you date someone are you dating the entire family
  • If “shortcomings” are really a dealbreaker
  • Should a family know about your sex life
  • Breaking up with the family too
  • Can you date someone else in the family if things don’t work out
  • Dating someone with kids and divorced

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S2 E18: sEXt and the City

We are discussing the finale of season 2 on this week’s episode for “Ex and the City.” I sit down with Allison, who totally feels Miranda in this episode, to discuss all things friends with an ex. We get into:

  • Do you run when you see an ex
  • Are exes like dresses
  • Can you “tame” people
  • High roads versus low roads
  • Can you be friends with an ex

S2 E13: Quit playing games with my heart

I chatted with Jenn M. Simpson, LISW-S Clinical Social Worker of Thrive Therapy Inc., to discuss Season 2, Episode 13 “Games People Play.” In this episode, we get into:

  • The importance of therapy
  • Tips on creating clarity
  • Healthy vs unhealthy ways to handle a breakup
  • Dating games and why we do them
  • Choosing a partner

For more information on Jenn and her work, visit her website www.thrivetherapyinc.com and you can follow her on IG at @thrivetherapycincinnati

S2 E11: When it’s more than a toothbrush

For this week’s episode, I sit down with Caroline Vazzana, frequently referred to as the modern day Carrie Bradshaw. Caroline is an editor, stylist, fashion influencer, and author of Making it in Manhattan. As part of Season 2, Episode 11 titled Evolution, we talk all things:

  • Leaving things at your partners home
  • Pressures on life timelines
  • Getting closure
  • Fashion being more than clothes
  • Thinking like a man
  • Letting go of stereotypes in dating and careers

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You can check out all the articles and resources she shares on Making it in Manhattan here or buy the book for a full deep dive into Caroline’s background and advice!

S2 E10: We are classless

sex and the city samantha jones charlotte york mirnada hobbes i want to enjoy my success not apologize for it

We are talking all things classless in Season 2 Episode 10, “The Caste System.” I interview a Charlotte to talk all things:

  • Dating outside of your socioeconomic standing
  • Are we still biased on who pays
  • Dating someone with no aspirations
  • Jealousy with other people in your partner’s life
  • Saying “I love you” for the first time

S2 E9: Dear Diary…A journal for your sex life

carrie bradshaw writing in her sex and the city journal couldn't help but wonder

For Season 2 Episode 9, “Old Dogs, New Dicks,” I sit down with Caleb and Levina who started A Sex Journal, which is filled with resources, exercises, and guides to have intimate conversations with your partner following sex. On this episode we discuss:

  • Why communication is so difficult
  • Blaming partners for not being able to read our mind
  • Changing your expectations
  • Is it harder for men to change than women
  • How to show up for your partner
  • Scheduling sex

You can pre-order your journal here and follow on social media to stay up-to-date at @asexjounral

S2 E8: Now I ain’t saying she a gold digger

miranda hobbes sex and the city single and rich gold digger quote

This week we are talking about Season 2 Episode 8 titled, “The Man, The Myth, The Viagra.” We get into

  • Dating married men or formerly married men
  • Letting your friends meet who you are dating
  • Wealthy women still being gold diggers
  • Is it okay to be a gold digger for certain reasons
  • Bad dates and getting stood up