S2 E7: Just a quickie

We are talking Season 2 Episode 7, “The Chicken Dance,” where the ladies find themselves at another wedding…which has some special circumstances. I interviewed a Charlotte for this episode and we get into:

  • Being on dates that aren’t yours
  • Fast engagements versus fast weddings
  • A case study of a speedy marriage (+celeb case studies!)
  • Is love in first sight real
  • Are soulmates real
  • Red flags to add to your list

S2 E5: Turning Tinder on at funerals

This week I sit down with Tom and Tucker of The Undesirables podcast. The podcast takes on dating in a “trial by fire” approach. We talk all things Season 2 Episode 5, “Four Women and a Funeral,” including:

  • Picking up people at a funeral
  • Looking like your ex
  • Protocols of being friends with an ex

Bonus: East vs West Coast Edition

workday schedules east versus west coast. Image via Zendesk
Image via Zendesk

I sat down with a friend of mine (a Charlotte) who has dated on the East Coast and now the West Coast. We are addressing stereotypes for the coasts and is the grass actually greener on another one. Listen for:

  • Who is more likely to be late to a date
  • Who has better style
  • Does one coast have a better “quality” dating pool
  • Are there more women than men on one coast
  • Picking a date spot
  • Dating outside your neighborhood

S2 E6: Spectrums of cheating and sexualities

This week we get into cheating curves and sexual identity for episode six of Sex and the City with my friend Ashely. We discussed:

  • Can you ask someone if they are gay?
  • The journey of sexuality
  • Secret relationships
  • Defining cheating
  • Why do you cheat

S1 E12: God saw your crazy

carrie bradshaw sex and the city

On this episode, I sit down with Cylla Senii the creator (director/producer/writer/actress) of the web series Situationships that was picked up by BET, and her fellow producer Kar Logan.

  • Situationships as the millennial Sex and the City
  • The definition of a situationship
  • Red flags you are in a situationship
  • Millennial dating in modern times
  • Defining the relationship (situationship)

You can catch the show via the below links and follow along on social for more behind the scenes:

S2 E4: SFK on Single and Fucking Killing it

single and fabulous carrie bradshaw sex and the city

In this week’s episode, Carrie has a meltdown after being plastered on a magazine all over the city as, “Single and Fabulous?” I chatted with Serena Kerrigan, aka SFK, aka Queen of Confidence, on why women should stop feeling ashamed about being single. Topics we address include:

  • Faking orgasms
  • Sex for validation
  • Single women’s “armor”
  • The relationship with yourself
  • Dating for all the wrong reasons

You can follow Serena and all her confidence tips on @serenakerrigan

S2 E2: If you don’t have nothing nice to say…

Carrie finds herself in a no-win situation when asked to weigh in on a friends relationship. In this episode, I sit down with Tony, the podcaster behind “10 Years and Counting…,” a podcast about being single for ten years. We talk about:

  • Does being single mean you’re the “fun one”
  • Weighing in on a friend’s relationship being a no win
  • Can single people give relationship advice
  • Are relationships based on delusion
  • Are there some things better left unsaid in relationships
  • When should you think about getting back together
  • Can you replace human companionship
  • Old school breadcrumbing

You can check out Tony’s podcast here, or follow him on social media at @sarcastony

S2 E1: If dating were a sport

In this episode, Carrie decides to compare her relationship success to baseball stats. Turns out, her batting average is pretty bad. I interviewed my friend (a Carrie/Charlotte mix) this week to talk about this and more. We touch on:

  • 18 dates in 2018
  • Running into an ex
  • Social media and exes
  • What is a breakup in modern times
  • Quantity versus quality dates

S2 E3: Cute but craaaazy

In this episode, I sit down with Alex and Callie of The Unwritten Rules, a podcast on all the dating rules we follow but don’t talk about. We get into the following…and tell a few crazy stories of our own.

  • Finding someone’s crazy (“freak”) versus hiding your own
  • Asking questions just to have your feelings hurt
  • If someone’s a freak, are their friends
  • First date expectations
  • Is the sex haze real?
  • WTF is a date?

Follow Alex and Callie @unwrittenrulesnyc where you can find links to all the places you can check out their podcast!

S1 E11: Couples most asked question

For this episode I spoke to Dr. Emily Wilson, a clinical psychologist, who has a unique focus on sex therapy. Dr. Wilson is a wealth of knowledge and gave great advice that is applicable to every relationship. We touched on a number of topics from:

  • How to spice your relationship back up when the honeymoon phase is over
  • Attitudes on sex in big cities vs small towns
  • How much sex is “normal”
  • How to communicate better in the bedroom
  • Her top tip for better sex

Want more specific? You can book a session (she does Skype!) with her at
emilywilsonpsyd@gmail.com. Check out her website here.